Bea-app (baltic energy areas)

Baltic Energy Areas – A Planning Perspective är ett InterReg-projekt som handlar om att förbättra den fysiska planeringen för förnyelsebar energi för regioner runt Östersjön.


"EU and national policies call for an increase in the share of renewable energy in energy consumption. The Baltic Sea Region is a frontrunner in this respect. Many regions, including the ones of the BEA-APP project, have set very ambitious targets on renewable energy use.

To meet these goals, suitable areas for renewable energy installations such as wind parks, bio-energy units or solar panels need to be available. Spatial planners are tasked with making such space available. At the same time, they need to strike a balance between spatial claims for renewable energy with competing aims and land uses (e.g. nature protection, cultural landscapes, agriculture, tourism).

This job is a challenge in itself. Moreover, spatial planners lack the appropriate spatial planning instruments. Apart from that, they often face local resistance when designating areas for renewable energy production."


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